Death Note Review!

Death Note

Death Note is an anime about a Shinigami named Ryuk. He’s very bored, so one day he decides to drop his Death Note on earth to see what happens if someone picks it up. Death Note is a notebook. If someone writes the name of someone, the specified human dies. The main character of the series is Light Yagami, and one day he finds and picks up the Death Note. He reads the written rules about the notebook and how it can kill someone if you write their name in it. Ryuk follows Light everywhere. Ryuk things it’s very interesting how Light uses the notebook to kill people.

Are you still not convinced of watching this anime? Well, Light Yagami is a very smart student. Therefore, as skeptical and smart as he is, he carefully starts to write the names of criminals on the notebook. He turns on the TV to confirm the deaths of the people he wanted to get rid of. Light starts to think of himself as a God. And he starts to think that the world is better off without so many criminals. This student decides that it’s up to him to shape the world as he’d like to.

People don’t know the real identity of the one getting rid of criminals, so then the name Kira is born. Everyone on the internet starts to find out how criminals are dying. Many start to create fan pages to express how they are happy that Kira is getting rid of bad people. However, many bad people in society start to panic because they don’t want to die.

Death Note is a series about a student who becomes a serial killer with a notebook. Light is a very complex character, and he believes that the end goals justify the means. Socially, he is very charming, yet extremely manipulative. When he’s in school, he acts like a normal person and keeps his cool when being under investigation. Light thought that it would be easy to build a society free of criminals. But one day, a detective named L starts to investigate who this Kira killer is. L is very smart and he has been able to solve difficult mysteries. L figured out that Kira is a student just by keeping track at what times the murders happen. Based on the times, L decided that Kira is a student from Japan. Depending on your morality, you will either have a love or hate relationship with Kira.

Death Note is amazing because there are so many plot twists. This series keeps you interested because you see how intelligent and crazy Light is when it comes to plotting. But the character L will do everything in his power to foil Light’s plans. L is very intelligent, lacks a social life, and he will not give up until he stops Kira. Not only is this anime very intense, but there’s a lot of drama. Light Yagami has a girlfriend named Misa, and he uses her to achieve his goals. Missa also carries a Death Note. So imagine what two Kiras could do? Light is the type that will manipulate his girlfriend, father, everyone around him, and not have any remorse. Light smiles as he kills people. In the beginning of the series, Ryuk claimed that he will be the one to write Light’s name on the Death Note.

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