Outlaw Star Anime Review!

Outlaw Star Anime

After a mysterious meteorite crashed onto earth, it was discovered that it contained a new mineral that had great potential. One of the possible use of the mineral called “dragonite” was that of powering a new breed of space engines capable of faster than light travel. By entering into what is known as sub-ether and making a jump, ships now have the ability to travel to distant parts of the universe. This has brought both good and bad things to humankind. The conventional human is no longer the only intelligent, living thing in the universe. Other races exist that have been around just as long and longer, developing their societies and technologies. Some of these races are hostile, others are friendly and willing to make allies. However, none of the races in space, including humans, fully trust one another.

At the same time that faster than light travel was being developed, new forms of space combat were begining to emerge. First developed and used by the Chinese Guild, grappler arms which were originally intended for labor purposes began to be used as weapons. This added an entirely new dimension to space conquest, it also created a new type of warrior. Those who were skilled with the arms quickly earned a reputation amongst the other fighters. If one was good, then he lived a long life, if he wasn’t, then his fate was met quickly. As humanity progressed itself, three main forces, comprised of members of all kinds of races began to emerge in the universe. There were the Space Forces, a technologically advanced group that maintained their own form of peace but lacked physical numbers. Because of their conflicting natures, the second group of space junkies, the Outlaws, were constantly at odds with the Space Forces. The Outlaws were well known for the cunning abilities in both combat and business deals.

Next, perhaps the most feared of all the groups, the Pirates. A ruthless bunch of masters of the ancient black arts. The Pirates combine the magic that they had handed down for centuries with some of the galaxies most advanced ships and weaponry to form up to be one very lethal bunch. Several guilds of Pirates exist, the most well known being the Kei Pirates. The leader of this particularly vicous pack of wolves is Hazanko, considered to be one of the strongest users of magic in the universe. It is to this chaotic background noise that Outlaw Star is set to. Wanting to develope a ship that would far surpass all others, the Kei pirates negotiated a deal that would pool the resources of all three major space groups. The result was a combonation of the best technology, weapon designs, and forces beyond comprehention, the ship was code named the XGP15A2.

The pirates, however, had a secret motivation for the construction of the

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