What is Super Dragon Ball Heroes?

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional anime. This anime is promotional for the Dragon Ball Heroes video game. This series is a completely different story line than Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, DBGT, and Dragon Ball Super. Think of DB Heroes being a completely different universe.

DB Heroes starts with Trunks returning from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta. However, Trunk vanishes. There’s a new character named Fu, and he tells Goku and Vegeta that trunks is locked up in Prison Planet. The purple guy that you see in the above picture is Fu. Prison Planet is a place where a lot of strong warriors are locked up, and they have to fight each other. In this series, a lot of crazy stuff happens. Cooler is able to transform into Golden Cooler. Cooler claims that if his brother can do something, he can do it even better! We may even see Super Saiyan Blue Broly, and other cool transformations.

So far, only a few episodes of this series have been released. Each episode is 8 minutes long. We do not know exactly when the episodes are released, what time, or the dates. If you know anything about the release dates, please leave a comment.

These are some of the cool transformations that can happen in the series:

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