Steins Gate Anime Review!

steins gate

Steins Gate is one of the best anime series that you will ever watch! There are no spoilers here. Therefore, you will only be given reasons as to why you should watch the series. And less focus will be placed on details about the series. In fact, this review doesn’t even mention character names.

If you love science fiction and the butterfly effect theory, then this series is for you. If you like a little bit of romance in the anime series that you watch, then Steins Gate will be even more entertaining for you.

Steins Gate is a series a series about time traveling and different world lines. Imagine that someone kills your best friend and that you have to time travel back in time, but whenever you go back in time, your friend gets killed but in a different ways. Yeah, this series is really messed up like that. Or even worse, imagine that you have to choose between two friends and that you have to decide which one dies? One friend is someone you love, and the other is a childhood buddy. That’s a messy situation to be in. In this series, time traveling is invented and the government is after information that deals with time travel. If the time traveling information lands in the hands of the government, Word War 3 happens.

You’ll never really know what will happen in the next episode. When it comes to plot twists, this series is very comparable to Death Note, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Steins Gate is comparable in terms of being very dramatic, and full of plot twists. If you ever felt bad while watching Death Note or Neon Genesis Evangelion, then Steins Gate will really hit you in the feels! When you watch Steins Gate, you will think that you can tell the good guys apart from the bad ones. However, your mind will be blown away when you find out that a “good character” actually turns out to be the bad one.

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